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New Logo for Walmart

July 2, 2008

Have you seen the new and improved Walmart lowalmart logo designgo? I’m not sure if it’s improved but it got me wondering whats up Walmarts sleeve.

Removing the ‘star’ between Wal and Mart, making one word WALMART * with a yellow sunburst type of character after it made me think…. am I just used to the old logo or does this new Walmart logo make me happy. Why did the company choose a new look? Does this look make shoppers happier? After all “you are my sunshine” is a popular song for those that shop there.

Check out  Walmart’s logo timeline from

Why do companies like to change a successful profile image? Roll with the times….

Do you remember retailer Caldor? They changed the look of their business in the 90’s to a Grey/black and Red angular logo  a huge change from the old 70’s – 80’s Orange, Yellow and Brown rainbow that represented the company.  Now they were saying something sharp. They went out of business a few short years later…








Back to Walmart, is this logo change an attempt to keep from Chapter 11 or is this new look going to bring that good ‘ol feeling back home? What’s your take?

Kristine Sheehan, July 2, 2008


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