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Can Women Designers become Rockstar BIG ?

July 11, 2008

Just read the article  “Women will never be Rockstar designers” by Tom Zeller, Dec. 2006. An interview took place with Mr. Glaser (designer of the I heart NY logo) and a Gothamist columnist. He was asked his opinion about why women designers can never make it like a Rockstar, BIG.

After reading this article my wheels began to turn. Betwixed. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs “You’re WRONG!” but that little mother inside myself said he’s RIGHT. Women have all the potential in the world to be Rockstar designers, but TIME is the issue they face. Men have TIME on their side. Glaser was correct when he stated that women stop to have children, grow their children and get left in the dust by their designing men counterparts because of TIME. Glaser continues to boast that men are growing their designing little minds while women are on sabatical raising children. And ultimately, this is the way it was, is and always will be. Therefore women don’t stand a chance.  In rebuttal, not all women raise their children without help, but Glasner insists that nanny’s and day care don’t work either……. hmmmm, then what is Glasner saying?

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very debateable issue, some  mothers can take it all on with or without assistance, but will they ever reach that level of Rockstar height with the view of male society hanging over them?  Afterall, women literally focus on more than ONE thing all the time. Who used to buy your underwear Glasner?

My mind is still spinning, if it’s not motherhood that holds a woman down (or brings one up!) than it’s the lack of funds to have the proper tools to grow that side of a womans brain. Women are givers. They will give their children every last ounce of time, love, money or whatever is needed to know that a child is happy. How else would little boys become Great  if their mothers or care givers didn’t give up TIME and energy to allow it to happen? 🙂 Don’t forget, a Rockstar may climb to the top but usually only lives there for a moment in time.

Cheers to all the little boys, oops! Men designers that have made it to Rockstar Heights.

Kristine Sheehan, a mother with a dream of her own

The Merry Bird…pen,ink and design


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