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What is your design process when creating a logo?

July 28, 2008


Many graphic designers are chosen because their design process works for them as well as the most important person in the mix….the client. Here is an example of how I choose to work with a new client.


My personal design process follows my instincts first. I take into consideration everything about the business, owner and over all history of the person/business I am designing.  Instincts can only come about through effective communication with the client and the following steps are how I choose to communicate effectively.


Step 1: Allow the client to understand who you are as a designer.


Present a portfolio of works that are successful and maybe even not successful. Be confident in what you do or they won’t be! Be honest about your capabilities and reach for the gold!


Step 2: Create a personalized questionnaire for the new client.


Ask pertinent questions about the business. I.e. Is this a new business? How long have you been in business? How many people work for you?  How would you describe your own business identity? What type of products/services do you offer? What is your business motto? Color preference?


A designer needs to take into account not only the design aspect of a new logo but what that logo stands for and means to the client they are catering.

Bottom line: KNOW your CLIENT and their BUSINESS


Step 3: Once accepted as the designer, brainstorm ideas that will make your pencil sketch!


Sketch 2 or more ideas, choose the best of the sketches and bring it to a semi-final completion. Leave room for a client suggestion and be cool with those suggestions; it makes for great customer service response.


Step 4: Present the idea to the client by private web link. Invite the client to view your finished piece and discuss how much they like what you’ve created.


Step: 5 Talk payment method and don’t forget to include your price in Step 1.


Finally, ask for a recommendation or testimonial that you can use to entice your next new client.



Author: Kristine Sheehan

The Merry Bird…pen, ink and design


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