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Blogging 101

November 23, 2008

If you want your online business to succeed you need a blog. Blogging is the most important way to accumulate knowledge as well as spread it around. It is useful in building online client relationships and readership. The question you may ask yourself is How do you retain readership and keep a blog moving forward?


While reading a favorite blog of mine, Just Creative, I came across an article dealing with online tactics to a better blog. I think it’s important enough to share, read and re-read. Most points are easy to achieve and are worth the time!

Here is a list of 7 things you can do to give your blog more of an edge… These are based on Just Creative, Jacob Cass’ observations and experience with blogs.  Verbatim:

  • Format your text – This is my biggest tip. The amount of blogs that I see with huge chunks of text is amazing. People on the internet do not read paragraphs, they read in sentences. Try to keep your paragraphs down to 3-4 lines tops. Use headings, sub headings and bullet points.
  • Tell your reader the whole article in the first two sentences – This is another huge tip. People will decide if they want to read your article based on the opening two sentences. Ensure you make your opening paragraph a killer and of course, the headline.
  • Always use quality images in your posts. An image will invite people to read your article so ensure it is not a crappy one… make it relevant to the post. Try to use a consistent image style / size for your blog posts so people know what to expect. Separate long articles with images. I use the free stock sites and compfight for my images (ensure creative commons is on).
  • Put more time into your post. If you spend an hour crafting a post, why can’t you spend another 15 minutes spicing it up? Add relevant images and links throughout your post. Proof read at least 4 times.
  • Give back to your readers. Hold competitions and giveaways. Offer prizes and give link love. Don’t offer crappy prizes like ‘advertise on my site’ – give something of value and ensure that they want it. For example, my latest book giveaway. Look at the prizes you give away as investments, not costs.
  • Get onto as many blog rolls as possible – Ask blogs in your niche if you would like to do an exchange. Tell them what you have to offer and ask kindly. On that note would you like to be added to my blog roll? Use the form on that page if you would like to be considered for addition to my blog roll.
  • Do to others as you would like done to you – I like this tip because it is so true. Ensure you reply to every comment and email. Link to other sites and articles just as you would like done to you. This applies to all aspects of blogging and life in general.
  • Give more than expected – I wonder how many of you noticed that I gave you 8 tips, not 7? If you give your readers more than they expect they will always be pleased. Remember the saying “Under Promise, Over Deliver.”


Another suggestion is to check out – Your blog will only get better!

Thanks Jacob for your keen advice on Blogging!

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