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A Short on The Latest Trend in Logo Design

January 8, 2009


Did you notice Wal-mart, Pepsi and many other companies out there are changing the face of their product logos? It’s not uncommon to change or re-brand a product image and today the logo trends are moving fast and furious.  


Clean lines and more intense colors are being used in the upcoming year. I would go as far as to say 80’s electric colors and geometric figures are returning but will appear in new millennium forms and shapes. 


Give photoshop a pat on the back for their filters but  the present logo trend will be moving away from “filtered” images and tricks of the trade. Get creative!


Patterns are still popular as ever and will continue to be.


Shades of recycle “green” I believe will continue to be popular as the world is ever “greening” – though no one here said it would be that unique anymore!


The Merry Bird features hand drawn technical, graphic, and typography logo’s. When you are in the market for a new logo Choose wisely and Know what’s going on in world of design!




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